Customer Lists

Customer lists are a way to request and store additional information on conversion from your advertiser. This can be useful if you’re working with a subscription-based offer, or if you need to store several pieces of information relevant to a single customer at the time of conversion.

Creating a Customer List

To create a new customer list, go to Offers > Customer Lists. Then click Add Customer List above the table to go to the creation form:

In the Details section, enter the name of the customer list. In the Attributes section, define the attributes you want to receive for each customer on conversion. Once you’re finished, click Save to create the customer list.

Each attribute you define for the customer list appears as additional parameter prepended with “s_” in your conversion links. For example, if you name an attribute “Email”, then TUNE appends the “s_email” parameter to your conversion link.

To use the customer list, you’ll need to connect it to an offer. A single customer list can be connected to multiple offers.

Connecting a Customer List to an Offer

Once a customer list is created and active, you can connect it to an offer. Go to Offers > Manage Offers and select your offer. Then in the Tracking panel, click Edit. Find the Customer List setting, and select a customer list from the dropdown menu. Save your changes to enable the customer list for your offer.

Adding Customers to a List

To add customers to a customer list, you must also update the conversion pixel/postback URL for this offer to include the added customer list attributes. Go to your offer’s page and in the Details panel, click Tracking. In the pixel code field, you can see the conversion pixel/postback URL with the customer list parameters appended.

Here’s an example of an iframe pixel code with the “Email” and “Phone” attributes appended as parameters:

<iframe src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="1" height="1"></iframe>

In the above pixel code, your advertiser replaces the “EMAIL” and “PHONE” placeholders with a customer’s email address and phone number.

Editing & Exporting Customer Lists

For each of the following actions, first go to Offers > Customer Lists and select the customer list.

Edit a Customer List

To edit a customer list, find the Attributes panel and click Edit.

Edit an Existing Customer

To edit the fields for a customer, find the Customers panel and click Edit in that customer’s row.

Exporting a Customer List

To export a customer list, find the Customers panel and click CSV to download the list as a CSV file.

Deleting a Customer List

To delete a customer list, find the Attributes panel and click Edit. Set the status to “Deleted” and Save your changes. This removes the customer list from the list of active customer lists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Partners See My Customer List Data?

TUNE does not provide partners with the information that would be passed from an advertiser, such as values from a customer list or an advertiser sub ID. Partners cannot view or download these values in their interface. If you want to pass advertiser data to a partner, you can do so using the {adv_sub} macro in the partner’s conversion link.