Custom Transaction IDs

For some networks, our standard method of generating transaction IDs doesn’t work with their needs or systems. This is typically true of networks or advertisers whose systems aren’t built to handle 30-character IDs, are using mobile device identifiers internally as transaction IDs, or are running traffic through a third party and want transaction IDs to match between systems. You can generate and supply your own transaction IDs using the custom transaction ID feature.

When you use this option, you decide which offers need custom transaction IDs and work with publishers running those offers to ensure the transaction IDs are properly generated. Offers in your network not using custom transaction IDs are not affected by enabling this option.

To use custom transaction IDs, you must:

  1. Enable the feature in TUNE
  2. Be able to generate transaction IDs on your own or receive transactions IDs from your partner
  3. Use the Server Postback w/ Transaction ID tracking protocol
  4. Pass the transaction ID through the tracking link

Enabling the Feature

To enable custom transaction IDs for your network, contact our support team or your account manager and ask to enable “Custom Transaction IDs”.

Generating Custom Transaction IDs

Custom transaction IDs are not generated in TUNE and generally come from other tracking systems. This part of the process is handled entirely by the network and publisher.

Passing Custom Transaction IDs in Tracking Links

To pass a custom transaction ID, add the following parameter to your tracking link:

  • ad_id

As its value, insert a placeholder for the custom transaction ID like “CUSTOMTRANSACTIONID”:

You or your publisher needs to replace this placeholder value with a custom transaction ID before the click registers in TUNE. TUNE then stores the value of ad_id as the transaction ID for the session.

If no value is provided for ad_id on a click, then conversions in that click session are rejected with the “No Transaction ID provided” error. However, if the ad_id parameter is omitted entirely from the tracking link, then TUNE generates a typical transaction ID for the click session.