Custom Start Page for the Partner Interface

Planning on running a contest for partner referrals? Have a hot exclusive offer you want all your partners to know about? You can create a custom start page in TUNE and assign it  to the new partner interface. When you set a page as a custom start page, it becomes the first page partners see upon logging into the partner interface.

Setting a Custom Start Page

To set a custom start page for the partner interface, first make an additional page. Follow instructions on the Additional Pages article.

Once that’s done, go to your network-wide partner settings page. Under the Basic Settings section, you will see a field called Custom Start Page. When you enable the Custom Start Page field, you will be prompted to enter a Start Page URL. Use the relative URL of that additional page as the Start Page URL.

For example, if a customer URL is!/page/45, insert only /page/45 (the text after #!) into the Start Page URL field. Save the changes, and your partners will start seeing the new custom start page.