Creating a Partner

Administrators and network employees who have the Global Management and Partner Management permissions can manually create partners in your platform. In addition to being manually created, partners can also apply to your network through the Partner Sign-Up form.

This article is part of our Platform Basics series.

Creating a Partner

To create a partner, go to Partners > Create Partner and fill out the form with the partner’s information. The value used in the password field gets sent to the partner so they can access the account. Next, assign an account manager and set the status to “Active”. Once you’re finished with the form, click Save.

Important: Partner creation fails if the provided email address exists on another partner user on the network (including deleted or blocked users).

Once the form is submitted, the partner is added to your system and assigned a unique partner ID to be used for all tracking and billing purposes. Partner IDs are usually four or five-digit numbers and are not necessarily generated in sequence. For example, a partner ID of “1016” can come after an ID of “1014”.

Adding Partner Details

  • Company: This is the name of the partner. It is how the partner is referenced in reporting and when searching for partners. This can either be the name of the partner’s company or an individual’s name.
  • Address: This is the street address that is used as a form of contact info.
  • Address 2: An additional field to add the address.
  • City: The city that goes with the street address provided above.
  • Country: The country that goes with the street address provided above.
  • State: The state that goes with the street address provided above is the partner is located in the United States.
  • Zipcode: The zip code for the street address provided above. The postal code can be used if outside the United States.
  • Phone: A phone number as another method of contact to this partner.
  • Tax ID: The tax identification number for countries that require this info on all payments and invoices.

Adding User Details

When you create a new partner, you also create a new partner user linked to the account. More than one partner user can be linked to a partner account.

  • First Name: The first name of the partner user.
  • Last Name: The last name of the partner user.
  • Title: The official title of the user within their organization (ex: Performance Marketing Manager).
  • Email Address: The contact email for this partner user. This email address is the email that they will use to log in to your platform and access the partner features. Notifications and alerts get sent to this email address.
  • Password: The login password for this partner. When this partner profile is created, the password is sent to them via email. The user can change this password later on if they wish. Passwords must be alphanumeric with no special characters.


  • Account Manager: Assign an account manager to this partner if Account Managers are set up in your application.
  • Account Status: Set the status of the partner account to “Active” if you are ready for them to log in and start running offers. Set the status to “Pending” if you want to approve them at a later time.