Conversion Status Report

Unlike the conversion report which shows line-by-line each conversion as it comes in, the conversion status report provides a quick overview of all the conversion statuses, including metrics that are not available in a stat report or conversion report. The overall purpose of this report is to show not just the total number of conversions given any filters or metrics, but also show which offers/partners are seeing larger percentages of pending/rejected conversions.

Data Options

In the conversion status report, you can group your stats in a number of ways:

For each data option selected before running the report, a more granular data set will be displayed. For example, selecting “Offer” and “Partner” groups stats by offer and then partner. If “Partner Sub ID 1” is then added, then conversion stats are shown for each grouping of offer, partner, and partner sub ID 1.

The next section is unique to the Conversion Status report, where you can select what calculation you want added to the report:

Selecting one of these options returns a new column with the calculation for the data option group selected from above:

  • Gross Conversions – Total conversions for this group
  • Approved Conversions – Total number of approved conversions for the group
  • % Approved – Percentage of approved conversions compared to gross conversions
  • Rejected Conversions – Total number of rejected conversions for the group
  • % Rejected – Percentage of rejected conversions compared to gross conversions
  • Pending Conversions – Total number of pending conversions for the group
  • Adjustments – Total count of adjusted conversions for group
  • Net Payouts – Total payout for all approved conversions
  • Net Revenue – Total revenue for all approved conversions
  • Pending Payout – Total amount in payout for pending status conversions
  • Pending Revenue – Total amount in revenue for pending status conversions

Like other reports, you can add filters to the following options:

  • Partners
  • Partner Managers
  • Advertisers
  • Advertiser Managers
  • Offers
  • Goals
  • Payout Type
  • Revenue Type
  • Browsers
  • Countries
  • Currencies

You can also choose a different timezone that is different from the default timezone setting for the network, along with preset and custom timeframes.

Export Data

To download your report, click the Export to CSV button at the top of the results table. Your results will begin downloading immediately.

A Note on Conversion Adjustments

TUNE values the ability for you to retain your data. For that reason, when conversions need to be adjusted, we don’t edit or remove existing conversions. Instead, we insert new conversions with the payout and revenue adjustment to be made. Since these adjustments are recorded as conversions, they contribute to the number of conversions in the Gross Conversions, Approved Conversions, and % Approved columns.

For more information on conversion adjustments, see our Adjusting Stats article.