Working with Commission Junction

You can have Commission Junction’s platform report conversions for offers imported into your TUNE network by setting up the offer on your network to the conversion tracking method Server Postback with Transaction ID.

When a user clicks on a TUNE partner tracking link, TUNE records a click and then redirects the user to the Commission Junction link. This link to Commission Junction needs to include the transaction ID of the click on the TUNE system so that if the user generates a conversion and its record in Commission Junction system, their system can tell your TUNE network that this user with the transaction ID of XXXX needs a conversion created.

When creating the offer from Commission Junction on your TUNE network, for conversion tracking method you need to select “Server Postback with Transaction ID”. This conversion tracking method is cookieless and non-pixel based and allows Commission Junction system to report conversion to third-party systems like your TUNE network.

Then for the Offer URL, append “?sid={transaction_id}” to the end of the Commission Junction tracking link. The parameter “sid” is specific only to Commission Junction (other networks have different parameter names to pass in sub id values). The value “{transaction_id}” will be dynamically replaced on click. We are passing this transaction ID value to Commission Junction so that on conversion, we can tie the conversion back to a click on the TUNE network.

Example offer URL for Commission Junction:{transaction_id}

Each click in your TUNE system generates a unique “transaction ID” that is attached to the record of the click. Pass that transaction ID to Commission Junction as your “sub-ID”, and then your conversion report from Commission Junction will show the transaction ID from your TUNE system for each conversion.

If you have an account manager with Commission Junction, then they will place a postback URL for you. This postback URL passes back the transaction ID into your network’s postback URL to record a conversion. You will need to provide your account manager with the Tracking URL for the offer. That can be found by viewing an offer and clicking Tracking URL from the Details panel. You will need to send your account manager this Postback URL and instruct them to replace SID with the value of SID passed into their tracking links.

Sample Postback URL:

Commission Junction’s Notes on Server to Server tracking:

  1. It’s “near real-time”, meaning there is usually a 30–90 min delay
  2. The publisher will not be able to read their cookie.
  3. Any data they wish to pass through the conversion and have posted back to them will have to be included in the SID parameter of our tracking URL
  4. We will make the post back to their specified URL once the transaction has gone through action processing (but before it posts to reporting).
  5. If they can live with the delay and don’t need any real-time optimization data passed through, this solution should be able to accommodate their needs.

However, Commission Junction doesn’t have any documentation on setting a postback URL with them and can only be setup by an account manager. If you don’t have an account manager or they won’t set up the postback URL, then you will need to upload the conversions to your network manually using the process below.

You then need to download the conversions from Commission Junction and import them into your TUNE network. Commission Junction doesn’t support any third party pixel or postback support in real-time and thus you will have to upload transaction manually into your TUNE network if you chose to import an offer from them.

Documentation on exporting reports in Commission Junction with SID can be found here:

Export Reports in Commission Junction

Once you have downloaded the document, remove all columns except the “sid” column. Then remove the header so the document is just a list of TUNE transaction IDs. Then save this still in CSV or TXT comma-delimited format.

Now you need to go to the upload conversion page in your TUNE network. Go to Reports > Conversion Report, then click Upload Conversions. Browse and select the CSV or TXT file of transaction IDs and upload them.

Once the conversion upload is complete, you can verify that leads were uploaded correctly into your TUNE network by running an Offers Report or a Conversion Report and filtering by Commission Junction offers.