Click Logs

To further the transparency and granularity of your data, we provide you with exportable click log files. These files give you information about each and every click in your system so you can investigate each click your network sees.

Click logs are available as an exportable CSV file. To download your click logs, go to Reports > Click Logs. Then in the date selector, choose a date for which you want click logs. In the table, click the link for a timeframe to export a ZIP file containing the click logs.

Note: For ease of reference, the time displayed in each link is in your network’s time zone. However, the downloaded file shows times in UTC (as many business intelligence systems assume UTC times).

The file contains these fields that can have values passed to them on the click:

  • transaction_id: Unique value generated on the click to start the tracking session
  • affiliate_id: Partner credited for the click
  • affiliate_manager_id: Employee ID of the manager for this partner
  • advertiser_id: ID of the advertiser for this offer
  • advertiser_manager_id: Employee ID for the advertiser of the offer for this tracking link
  • offer_id: Offer ID for the click
  • creative_url_id: ID of the creative file if the user clicks on a banner, link, or any other creative specified in the tracking link
  • affiliate_source: Traffic source value passed in by the partner
  • affiliate_sub1: Partner sub ID 1
  • affiliate_sub2: Partner sub ID 2
  • affiliate_sub3: Partner sub ID 3
  • affiliate_sub4: Partner sub ID 4
  • affiliate_sub5: Partner sub ID 5
  • datetime: Time and date of the click. Shown in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS (example: 2013-06-13 14:01:53)
  • revenue_cents: If a revenue is specified on click, this is the value in cents
  • payout_cents: If a payout is specified on click, this is the value in cents
  • refer: URL that the user came from and clicked the tracking link
  • URL: The actual tracking link URL that was clicked. This will also include any additional parameters that the partner might have included
  • pixel_refer: Referral URL for advertiser-side conversion pixel
  • ip: IP address that the click came from
  • user_agent: User agent the user clicked the tracking link with
  • country_code: Two letter ISO standard country code of the user
  • browser_id: Numeric reference of the browser
  • is_click_unique: Boolean value that indicates of the user has clicked the tracking link before. This also differentiates unique clicks and gross clicks in reporting
  • ad_campaign_id: If the user clicks on an ad campaign tag, the ID of the campaign
  • ad_campaign_creative_id: ID of the creative in the ad campaign
  • offer_file_id: ID of the creative file the tracking link is associated with status – status of the offer
  • offer_file_size: Size of the creative file
  • currency: Currency set for the offer, using a three-letter country code
  • payout_type: Payout type of the offer
  • revenue_type: Revenue type of the offer
  • revenue_group_id: If the revenue group is determined on click
  • payout_group_id: If the payout group is determined on click

The file also includes any information stored in mobile tracking parameters. For information about mobile tracking parameters, read our article on supporting mobile device attribution.

For information about our data retention policies, read our article on the Importance of Securing Data in TUNE.