Working with Cake Marketing

Cake Marketing provides a partner tracking solution much like TUNE if you are working with partners or advertisers that use Cake, here is a quick tutorial on setting up your offers to track with Cake. In both instances, we are going to implement postback URL-based offers since they work for all offers in both systems.

Your Advertiser Uses Cake

If the advertiser for your offer uses Cake, then get your publisher tracking link from their system, and add the transaction ID macro to their tracking link to a sub ID field:

Your default offer URL:{transaction_id}

Ideally you want to pass the transaction ID through s2-s5 parameters.

Next you will want to give Cake your offer postback URL. Since you passed the transaction ID to s2 in this example, use the same token in their system to call that value back:

Your Partner Uses Cake

If the partner for your offer uses Cake, then they will passing a Lead ID value from their system to yours for conversion authentication. This happens via the TUNE aff_click_id parameter in your tracking link, and the {aff_click_id} macro in your third-party postback.

Your partner should set up their offer with your tracking link that looks something like:

Then they need to provide you with the offer postback from Cake. Enter this in your system as a third-party postback URL. Here’s how the third-party postback might look:{aff_click_id}

Important: Make sure that all parameters and tracking domains are correct for each setup, as the above are shown for formatting purposes only.