Bulk Creating and Updating Advertisers

You can quickly migrate many advertisers from another system into your network by using our Import Advertisers feature. This feature takes a comma-separated values (CSV) file, which you can create with a spreadsheet program (like Microsoft Excel), and CSV file editor, or a simple text editor.

The steps for importing new advertisers and updating existing advertisers are slightly different. The list of all available advertiser fields is available in the List of Advertiser Fields section.

How to Import New Advertisers

The first step is to create a CSV file, with the header row containing the fields you have information for. There are six required fields for new advertisers, shown in the header row below. You can add any of the other few dozen fields to your header, if you have data for them.


You can also download that header as a basic template:

Download import new advertisers template

Note: The order the fields appear in doesn’t matter.

Once you create the CSV file, input your advertiser information.

How to Update Existing Advertisers

To update advertisers in bulk, you also create a CSV file as described in the above section. The header row works differently, though: you must include the id field, so you can tell TUNE which advertisers to update, then include the fields you want to update for all of the advertisers in that file.

Note: If you don’t include the id field, TUNE assumes you want to create new advertisers instead of update existing ones.

For example, if you want to change the status of a few advertisers from “pending” to “active”, your CSV file would look like:


Tip: If you’re planning to update a significant number of existing advertisers, consider exporting your advertisers as a CSV file to modify and re-upload.

Uploading Your Data

To import or update advertisers, go to the Company menu, and click on Customize Application. On the Customize Application page, scroll down until you reach the Import Data section, then click on Advertisers.

On that page, attach the file and click Upload. Once submitted, the file will begin processing. Depending on the volume of changes, the import can take up to 30 minutes to process. Once completed, you will see a new “Import Complete” notification on your Snapshot page.

If the message says any advertisers failed to save: Click on that message to see details of which advertisers didn’t get processed along with why. If you can’t see how to correct the problem in your CSV file, contact our customer support and have your CSV file and this error message available.

List of Advertiser Fields

Fields marked with * are required for new advertisers, and optional for existing advertisers.
Fields marked with ** are required for updating advertisers, and should not be included for new advertisers.
All other fields are optional. Do not include the * symbols when making your header rows.

Column NameDescriptionAccepted ValuesExample
company *Name of the advertiser/companyUp to 255 charactersTest Company
email *Email address of user for this accountany valid email address:
address1 *Main addressUp to 255 characters123 Demo St.
city *City in addressUp to 255 charactersSeattle
region *State or region in addressUp to 255 charactersWA
country *Country in addressTwo-letter capital letter country codeUS
zipcode *Zip code of addressValid zip/postal code98101
id **The ID for an existing advertiserMust be existing advertiser ID number. Only use when updating advertisers1004
first_nameFirst name for advertiser. Can be used instead of company name if individualUp to 255 characters. Only use when creating advertisersJohn
last_nameThe last name of the advertiser. Can be used with first name instead of company nameUp to 255 characters. Only use when creating advertisersDoe
passwordPassword used to login to advertiser interfaceMust be more than 4 characters in length. If no password is entered on creation, a password using the firstname + zipcode in lowercasescott98121
address2Secondary address for companyUp to 255 charactersSuite 200
account_manager_idID of the employee assigned to manage this advertiserNumeric value. Must be valid ID in system of employee20
statusStatus of advertiser accountactive, pending, blocked, deleted, rejectedactive
titleJob position at company for userUp to 255 charactersDirector
full_nameWhole name of the advertiser. Will be split into first_name and last_name at the first spaceMust be an acceptable first_name entry and last_name entry, separated by a spaceJohn Doe
phonePhone number of company+(country code + area code + number)+12065181318
faxFax number of company+(country code + area code + number)+12065181318
signup_ipThe IP address that the user signed up from4 Numeric values separated by decimals:
ref_idReference ID for this advertiser account for another systemUp to 255 characterstest123
websiteWebsite of companyDoes not work with “http://” prependedwww.example.com
tagsTags applied to the advertiserExisting tag names separated by commas, wrapped in quotation marks ( “” )“Red,Blue,Green”

Applying Classifications

To apply advertiser classifications via CSV upload, use the classification type name in the header row and use the classification itself as the value. Accepted classification type names are:

  • Channel
  • Conversion Type
  • Incentive
  • Media Placement
  • Operating System
  • Vertical

For example, you can apply the “Non-incent” classification (of the “Incentive” classification type) to three advertisers with a CSV file that looks like this:


Classifications applied via CSV upload are added to any existing classifications.

Note: Applying classifications via CSV upload follows the same restrictions as the TUNE platform. Keep in mind that advertisers only accept a single classification for certain classification types.

“What If I Need Other Fields?”

This feature is limited to core advertiser fields. If you need to change something relating to an advertiser, you can do so directly in the platform or (for enterprise accounts) through the Network API.

Known Issues with CSVs

Details on this are covered in our Bulk Creating & Updating Offers article.