Branding Your Network

TUNE is sold as a white label partner tracking solution. We provide you the flexibility to modify the interface in ways that reflect the style of your brand. You can modify the colors, add your logo, and even use your own domain name for the application and tracking servers.

You can start by changing your overall look, or can go as far as adding in custom CSS, javascript widgets, and adding additional pages to the application to extend the functionality.

This article is part of our Background & Setup series.

Customizing Your Look

The fastest way to modify the look of your network is to use our quick theme selector. To do so, go to CompanyCustomize Application > Admin / Advertiser / New Partner Interface Design > Customize Theme.

A pane opens on the right side of your browser. You can choose a light or dark theme and an accent color. Clicking on different options lets you preview the appearance, and you can click on other pages in the application (such as the Snapshot page) to see how your changes will appear there. Click Apply to save your settings, or Cancel to revert to your previous settings.

Brand your network by adding a custom logo. To do so, go to Company > Customize ApplicationAdmin / Advertiser / New Partner Interface Design > Company Logo.

Choose a GIF, JPG, JPEG, or PNG logo file and Upload the file when you’re ready. Ideal logo dimensions are roughly 230×50 pixels. Images need to be at least 25 pixels tall and can be transparent. After saving the changes, your logo should immediately be displayed.

Adding a Favicon

The favicon is an image that appears next to the URL of your network. To upload your own custom favicon, go to Company > Customize ApplicationAdmin / Advertiser / New Partner Interface Design > Custom Favicon.

Favicon’s must be 16×16 pixels in size and must be saved in ICO format. Choose an image you’d like to upload, and click Upload when you’re ready. Once uploaded, your favicon will appear momentarily.

Adding Custom CSS

Our system allows you the ability to completely overwrite all the styles in the application by adding in your own CSS styles.

Adding Footer Links & Javascript

To add footer links, go to Company > Customize Application > Content > Footer Links. A simple box form appears for adding anchor text links of your choice. Enter the link’s text as well as the URL and click Save Settings once you’re finished. To create additional links, click Add Link.

We also provide an option to place Javascript code in the application, so you can either manipulate any site structure or add in widgets to the application.