Integrating with Billoid

Billoid is an invoicing solution that eliminates labor-intensive workflows on your advertiser and publisher invoicing. By connecting TUNE and Billoid accounts, you can process invoices easily and in a minimum amount of time.

First, you need to get your TUNE API information. See our developer documentation for instructions.

Set Your Synchronization Up

Go into your Billoid account, then click on TUNE > Get new TUNE Data. When you do this, the TUNE sync works as a job in the background which can be run at any time.

Once this completes, you can access advertiser, partner, and stats data in Billoid.

Using Billoid with TUNE


To see all unbilled data, go to the Advertisers tab and click on Invoice Generator, or to the Advertiser tab and click on Credit Note Generator. For more information, see Billoid’s support articles on these topics:

Going Further

To get personal on-boarding, customize your look and feel, or any other questions or tasks, please reach out to your contact at Billoid.