Working with AWeber

This integration method is for AWeber application by AWeber. The integration can create unique lead commission after verification of the email address of the customer. Each lead will be recorded as a conversion in your HasOffers network.

Setup Confirmation Page

First, you have to setup AWeber. Navigate to My Lists tab and to Confirmed Opt-In. Here, you should setup email text but the most important part is to define Confirmation Success Page. Insert the link to your “after confirmation” page here – the page will contain conversion tracking code. If you don’t have your own confirmation page, you will need to create one such as lead.php. This integration process outlines how to integrate with a PHP page:

To properly track all the data you need to do one more step. There is a checkbox “Pass subscriber info” – please enable this option. This will allow you to pass in the lead information into your HasOffers network.

Adding the code for lead tracking

Your confirmation page should include some text link “Thank you for subscribing to our email list”. After a user successfully subscribes to an AWeber list, they will be directed to this page.