Partner Sign-Up

TUNE provides you a hosted sign-up page where partners can apply to your network. From your network, you can then approve or reject applicants. Potential partners can access your sign-up form at:

Sign-Up Form

The partner sign-up form is much like the form required to manually create a partner in the administrator interface. When a potential partner reaches the sign-up form, they will be asked to supply basic information including company name, address, phone number, and tax ID (optional). They will also set up their login information (unique email address and password), along with their name and title.

The partner’s email address must not exist in your network already. Since all email addresses must be unique in the network, a partner trying to sign up with an existing email address will receive an error notification.

Additional Sign-Up Questions

You have the option to add additional questions to the sign-up form that partners can provide additional info when they apply for your network. This is commonly helpful in vetting each partner to see if they are a good fit for your offers and will drive quality traffic. You can opt to make the fields optional or required.

To add additional questions to your partner sign-up form, go to Company > Customize Application > Content > Partner Sign Up Questions. Here, you can manage existing questions as well as add new questions. You can choose from input fields, Yes/No questions, and multi-select options.

Terms & Conditions

At the bottom of the sign-up form is a link that shows the partner terms and conditions that they must agree when signing up for your network. By default, there is a sample set of terms and conditions created for your network, but it is encouraged to have your own legal counsel draft more applicable terms for your partners to accept.

To customize your partner terms & conditions, go to Company > Customize Application > Content > Partner Terms and Conditions. Enter your terms and conditions on the page that follows. Standard HTML text formatting is allowed in this field.

Note: For security purposes, the embed, object, and script HTML tags are not displayed or rendered in the TUNE platform.

Consent for Anti-Fraud Vetting

As part of TUNE’s efforts to combat the spammers, bots, and applications using fake or disposable information, all new partners signing up must consent to their information being sent to a third-party fraud-prevention service for vetting. This is covered in the second checkbox at the bottom of the sign-up form.

When a partner submits the application, a risk score is assigned based on multiple factors (such as IP address, mailing address, email address, phone number, and geolocation). Any applicant who scores higher than our risk threshold is automatically rejected. If we auto-reject a partner you have otherwise vetted, you can choose to give them access to your platform by manually changing their status to Active.

Approving Partners

When a partner applies to your network, you have the option to decide what the next step of their approval is. You can opt to have partners approved as soon as they complete the sign-up process, along with any additional verification methods that you can implement.

Another option is to manually approve partners to your network. If you select “Require Approval” for the partner sign-up process, new partners are set to “Pending” status. Pending partner applications can be accessed by going to Partners > Pending Partners. If account managers are enabled for partners, assign an Account Manager for the pending partner using the drop down menu. Next, select “Approve” or “Deny”. Use the “More” option to approve or deny with a note.

You can enable the Account Change Notification setting to receive email notification every time a partner or advertiser changes their account information or a new partner or advertiser signs up to your network. To activate this setting, go to Company > Customize Application > Settings > Application. From there, set Account Change Notification to “Enabled”.

Tracking Pixel on Sign-Up

To display a partner’s conversion tracking code upon first login, go to Company > Customize Application > Settings > Partners. Then, set Partner Referral Pixel to “Enabled”. Enter the conversion tracking code to be displayed for the partner referral pixel in the field that appears. The conversion tracking code could be an offer in your network, promoting partners to sign up.