Partner-Specific Payouts and Caps

Businesses using TUNE can set partner-specific payouts, revenues, and caps that override the offer-level values. You might do this to provide specific partners with different incentives for an offer based on their traffic volume, their conversion quality, or your working relationship.

This article is part of our Platform Basics series.

Setting Partner-Specific Payout & Revenue

If you have a high-performing partner who you want to incentivize with better payouts, you can set a custom offer payout for them. You might also want to set a partner-specific offer revenue value if your advertiser particularly likes advertising through one of your partners and is willing to pay more.

To see all of an offer’s partner-specific payout and revenue values, first go to the offer’s page. In the Payout panel, click Partner Payouts. On the page that appears, there is a table of custom payout and revenue values for the offer.

To add a custom payout for the partner from this page, click Add above the table. On the next page, select the partner from the dropdown and allow the page to refresh. In the fields that appear, you can enter new values in the Payout per Conversion and other fields. Partner-specific payout and revenue values use the same payment structures as the default values. Once you’re finished, click Add at the bottom.

Note: Adding a custom payout for a partner does not retroactively update past conversions to the new payout value. Only conversions going forward use the new value.

Once a custom payout or revenue has been added to the offer, it appears in offer partner settings table. Here’s what a partner-specific CPA payout of $1 looks like:

To edit a partner’s default payout/revenue values, first go to that partner’s page. Then in the Offer Payouts panel, click View. Select the relevant value in the table and update it. Click Save below the table to apply your changes.

Advanced partner-specific payout & revenue

Working with Partner-Specific Payout Structures

Partner-specific payouts for an offer take priority over payout structure settings, including partner specific payout structure settings.

Working with Payout Groups

Partner-specific payouts for an offer take priority over payout group settings.

Setting Partner-Specific Conversion & Payout Caps

Partner-specific caps let you limit the amount of traffic an individual partner can drive to an offer, based either on conversions or payout budget. These caps are displayed in the offer partner settings table alongside partner-specific payout and revenue information.

Note: When an offer with goals has a conversion cap, only conversions on the default goal count toward the cap. This is so you can continue receiving data on goals after reaching the cap.

To set caps for specific partners, go to Partners > Manage Partners. Select a partner and in the Offer Payouts panel, click View. Here, you can add offers with custom payouts and set caps for the partner account.

If the conversion cap setting is not available, it may be due to your network-wide offer settings. Go to Company > Customize Application > Settings > Offer, and set Conversion Caps to “Enabled”. For more information, read our article on Conversion & Budget Caps for Offers.

Redirect Flow when a Cap is Reached

When an offer’s cap is reached, TUNE uses the following logic to determine where to redirect the user, stopping at the first valid step:

  1. If the offer has an entry for its Redirect Offer setting, the user is redirected to that offer.
  2. If the offer is in an offer group, the offer group’s settings take over.
  3. If the network has an entry for Default Redirect URL, the user is redirected to that URL.

If none of those are valid, the user is redirected to a blank page.