Partner Payments

Legacy billing features are now deprecated. Please reach out to your account manager about TUNE Pay for your billing & payment needs.

In the process of partner billing, invoices are generated so partners can see how much they earned in summary for the previous billing period. The next step is to follow through and pay the partner based on that invoice.

TUNE does not handle the transactions between the network and the partner for payouts, this is done either manually or by an external payment provider. Once the payment has been completed, you can then go back to your TUNE account and record the payment.

Billing Payments in your platform serves as a record of all your payments to partners, and doubles as a payment reconciliation so that you can keep track of what invoices have been paid and keep any outstanding balance for a partner current.

Creating a Payment

To access existing payments in your platform, go to Partners > Billing Payments. From here you can access all the recent payments created in your platform:

Create Payment Manually

From the billing payment page, click Create Payment at the top right. On the next page, select the partner you want to generate the payment for. The system then retrieves all the billing information for the partner, including the payment preference and any unpaid invoices are listed at the bottom of the page:

On this page you can will record the transaction that occurred that paid this partner. Since this payment was done via PayPal, we can put in the PayPal email for the user. Once the payment has been sent, input the transaction ID from PayPal (or any other payment method) to the respective field. You can also enter an optional memo that the partner can view on their end. If you want to make a note about the payment receipt that is not viewable by partners, use the Note field.

At the bottom of the payment form, there’s a list of unpaid invoices for the partner selected. This is the place where you can select the invoices that were paid with this payment receipt. You can select one, multiple or all of the invoices in the list and the total for all the selected invoices will appear in the Amount field above.

Once you have filled out all the required fields and optional fields, you can click Pay at the bottom. This creates the payment in your system for the partner. The invoices selected on the payment page are also be marked as “Paid” and their total will be removed from the partner’s outstanding balance in the billing system.

Quick-Generate Payments

A quicker way to create payment receipts in the system is to use the Pay Invoices feature. Instead of manually creating a payment receipt for each partner, the Pay Invoices page will show the outstanding balance for each partner in your system, and let you quickly generate a payment receipt for that partner by clicking the Pay button on the right-hand column.

To access this feature, go to Partners > Billing Payments. Next, click Pay Invoices at the top of the list. This takes you to the list of outstanding balances for each partner from unpaid invoices. You can select the payment method, and add a memo for the partner. Once you click Pay, the system will return “Update Successful” and a payment receipt will be added to the partner’s billing history. All the invoices that were outstanding will also be marked as paid.

Export Payments to QuickBooks

Export payments to QuickBooks for accounting. Payments are entered into QuickBooks as checks. Use the filter options and check boxes to select the payments to export. You will want to ensure you do not import duplicate data into QuickBooks. The debit and credit accounts allow you to specify the names of the accounts used in your QuickBooks. Data is exported in IIF format.

Bulk Payment Gateways

If you have a particularly large network of partners and manually paying each partner becomes time-consuming, you can look at external payment providers that can speed up the process of paying many people at once. These providers are either directly integrated with TUNE or we assist in the process of bulk payment through their system.

PayPal MassPay

Anyone with a Premier or Business PayPal account can send multiple payments instantly through PayPal MassPay. With TUNE, you can export all of your payment information into PayPal’s MassPay File Format.

Go to Partners > Billing Invoices > PayPal. All partner accounts with PayPal saved as the preferred payment method can be exported. You may then select the balances that you would like to export by checking the box next to each partner account. Check the top box to select all. You can can filter the results by Invoice Frequency. If you have Multiple Currencies enabled, you can convert the amounts to a specific currency. PayPal only accepts payments to be sent in one currency (not multiple). The invoiced amount is converted based on the current exchange rate. The Final Amount is the amount that the partner will be paid based after the currency exchange.

Before you export the data, you can select the payment options to generate Payments and the status of the Payments. If you are going to immediately send the mass payments with PayPal, its recommended to generate Payments set to status of Success so that partners can see that they should have received payment. Once ready, click the Export button and save the file. Then upload the data file into PayPal.


Use Payoneer’s services to streamline partner payments. Networks have to setup an account with Payoneer. Networks can then fund their Payoneer account. Then mass payments can then be sent to all partners registered with Payoneer.

See our Integrating with Payoneer support article for details.


PayQuicker is another payment service for partner networks. In order to provide PayQuicker as a payment option for partners, you will need to setup a master account with PayQuicker first. Once setup, PayQuicker will provide you with a partner signup link that will need to be included in partner billing settings. Partners are then prompted to signup with PayQuicker so they can receive payment. At the end of a billing period, mass payment can be sent to all partners that have the billing preference set to PayQuicker. Learn more about PayQuicker at

To pay outstanding invoices to partners that have the payment method of PayQuicker selected, go to PartnersBilling Invoices > PayQuicker. This page sums unpaid invoices by partners who have their payment method set to PayQuicker. Select the partners you want to pay and click export.

Payment receipts will be automatically generated and updated with PayQuicker. After saving the Excel file, upload it into your PayQuicker admin interface. PayQuicker only allows payments to be made in USD. If there are invoices for multiple currencies, amounts in foreign currencies will be converted to USD using the current day’s exchange rate.

Edit Payments

To edit a payment, go to Partners > Billing Payments. Default search fields are “All Time” and “Show All Payments”. You can define these by selecting the drop down menus and click “Go”. Click the Payment you would like to edit in the Statement Column. Make your changes to any fields. Once you’re finished, click Update.

Delete a Payment

To delete a payment, go to Partners > Partner Payments. Click the payment you would like to delete in the statement column. Select “Delete Payment” in the top right. This payment will now be set to deleted status from the partner’s billing history.