Partner Manager Commission Report

Partner managers are employees at your business who manage their assigned subset of partners and get a commission based on the success of the partners they manage. In your platform, you can set the commission that the manager gets from the performance of their partners. Here’s an example of the manager’s commission set at 15% of their partners’ earnings:

Once this amount is set in the employee’s profile, stats can start showing for this partner manager in the manager commission report. To access this report, go to Reports > Manager Commission.

Here, you can see a summary of all commissions for partner managers in your platform for a specified time period:

Using the timeframe to set a start and end date, you can see a line-item list of all partner managers and earned commissions for that time period. You can also select the base field that the manager is basing their commission off of (either conversions, payout, revenue, or profit). You can filter a report to only show specific partner manager commissions, and commissions can be broken down on a daily basis.

Keep in mind that commissions are not generated for stats retroactively if the partner manager’s commission rate is changed later on.