Partner Ad Campaigns

TUNE provides partners the option to create their own ad campaigns in their interface. This gives them better flexibility to manage their creatives that can be rotated and let them choose what banners/offers they want to add to a single ad tag.

Enable Partner Ad Campaigns

To give partners the option to create ad campaigns on their end, go to Company > Customize Application > Settings > Partner. Set Partner Ad Manager to “Enabled”. This adds the “Ad Groups” option in the Tools panel on the partner’s end:

Partners can view Ad Campaigns created on the admin side that they have partner access to. At the top of the list of Ad Campaigns, click Create Ad Group. Once the modal appears, the partner can put in the details for their ad campaign:

Select the creative type (Banner, Text, or Link), the dimensions of the banner if selected, and the ad serving method. Randomly is selected by default, however the partner can choose to use custom weights or optimization techniques. Clicking Create Ad Group adds the campaign to the list of campaigns for the partner.

Adding Creatives

Once the campaign has been created, the partner can add the desired creatives to the campaign. To accomplish this, the partner must go to the ad campaign page and click Add Creative at the top of the Creatives section. A modal will appear with a list of all the applicable creatives available to the partner:

Click Add next to the creative to add that creative to the Ad Group on the partner side.