Partner Access to Offers

There are situations where you may want to limit which partners have access to offers. Some offers are private and you only want a select few partners to run traffic. Or maybe you want to personally screen partners who want to run an offer. This article walks you through the options available to provide partners with access to an offer.

Managing Partner Access to Offers

To see which partners do or don’t have access to an offer, go to the offer’s page and find the Partner Access panel. This panel can have up to three sections: “Approved”, “Blocked”, and “Unapproved”. Here’s what it looks like with all three sections:


A standard offer will just have the “Approved” panel, meaning that all listed partners (and all active partners in your platform) have access to the offer and can run traffic to it. By default, there’s one link on the side of the select tool that says “Block”. If you select a partner and click Block, that partner is blocked from accessing your offer, and their tracking links for the offer won’t work.

When one or more partners blocked, a “Blocked” section appears below with the list of blocked partners. You can unblock these partners by selecting them and clicking “Unblock” on the right. This moves the partner back to the “Approved” section.

Tip: Hold Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS) when selecting partners to select more than one at a time.

Partner Offer Access in Partner Profile

To manage a single partner’s access to multiple offers, you can go to their partner profile instead. The same behavior as above applies in the Offer Access panel here, where you can approve and block the partner access to the selected offers:


Changes made here are reflected in the Partner Access panel of the respective offers.

Partner Offer Access in Advertiser Profile

You also have the option to manage partner offer access at the advertiser level, so the advertiser can have management over how a partner can access any of the advertiser’s offers. If an advertiser chooses to block a partner from their offers, this rule overrides the option to approve a partner on the offer or partner page. This means if a partner is blocked in the advertiser’s page, then even if you try to manually unblock them for a specific offer whether in the offer page or partner profile, that partner remains blocked.

For the partner to be managed at the partner page or offer profile, they must be set to “Approved” at the advertiser level. If you are running into issues with approving partners on the offer page, check the partner’s access at the offer’s advertiser page.

Require Approval to Offers for Partners

Many businesses have offers that they want to manually approve partners for. This is usually because the business wants to make sure that the partner is a good fit for the offer. TUNE provides you with the option to screen partners through an application process for each offer. Partners can apply for offers, and you or your advertiser can manually approve or reject the application.

To allow partners to submit access requests, first turn on the network-wide offer setting. Go to Company > Customize Application > Settings > Offer. On that page, set Require Approval to “Enabled” to enable this setting at the offer level. Now all your offers have the option to require approval for partners. This setting is set to “Disabled” at the offer level by default.

To enable the approval requirement for an offer, go to the offer’s page and click Edit in the Settings panel. Set Require Approval to “Enabled”. This allows partners to see offer details and apply to the offer, but not to generate tracking links or creatives until they’re approved. It also moves partners previously set to approved to unapproved. You can then start manually approving or rejecting partners.

If a partner is unapproved for an offer, they can still view the offer in their interface, however they won’t have access to tracking links. At the top of the offer page, they can click a link to apply for the offer:

Managing Offer Applications

Once a partner requests access to one of your offers, their application appears on the offer applications page (Offers > Offer Applications). This page lists all pending applications by default:

To accept or reject an offer application, first select it by checking the box in the leftmost column. Then click “Approve” or “Deny” to process all selected applications at once.

Tip: You can filter table results to different approval statuses using the Configure button.

Adding Offer Approval Questions

When you want to manually approve partners to an offer, you may have questions for them to answer. To add offer approval questions to an offer, click Edit in the Settings panel of the offer page. From the Require Approval setting where you turned on this feature, you will see a “Manage Approval Questions” link:

On the next page, you can enter the question and opt to make the field required. Click Add to append the question to the list of questions above. When an offer approval question is added, it is set to active right away. To pause or suspend a question from showing up in the offer application for the partner, click Pause in the “Action” column.

To add offer approval questions that apply to all offer applications, go to Company > Customize Application > ContentOffer Approval Questions. On the next page, you can view existing global questions at the bottom table and add new ones at the top. The same functionality exists here as is it does in the offer-specific questions, except that questions here appear in all offers requiring approval.

Partner responses to all questions can be found on the offer applications page in the “Offer” column of an application.

Offer Auto-Approval

You can allow partners to be auto-approved for offers they share a classification or tag with. To learn more, read our Classifications & Tags article.

Blocking a Partner from Your Platform

Set a partner’s status to “Blocked” when you have a reason for wanting them out of your network. To block a partner, go to Partners > Manage Partners. Select the name of the account you would like to block and click “Block” in the Account Information panel. Next, you will be prompted to enter a reason for blocking the partner. Enter your notes and click “Block Account”.

Once an account is set to “Blocked” it will be blocked entirely from the network. Once an account has been blocked, you may unblock them by clicking the “Unblock” link in the Account Information panel.

Private Offers

Private offers are invisible to all partners except those specifically approved for the offer. When this setting is enabled for an offer, unapproved partners cannot view or otherwise gain access to the offer. Approved partners see the offer in their interface like any normal offer.

Tip: You can use private offers to run internal campaigns separately from offers for your partners.

To set an offer to private, go to the offer’s page and click Edit in the Settings panel. Set the Private to “Enabled” and save. Once the offer has been made private, you can go to the Partner Access panel and start approving the desired partners to the offer.

Note: When an offer is set to private, all partners currently approved for that offer are set to unapproved.