Advertisers and Offers

An advertiser can also play the role of the owner for their offers in your system. As a network admin, you can manage the advertiser and their offers, but advertisers often want to manage certain aspects of an offer on their own. This article describes what an advertiser can do to create and manage offers in the advertiser interface.

Getting Started: Advertisers Need Accounts

Before an advertiser can use the advertiser interface, you need to add them as a user. When you create an advertiser in your network, part of the process includes creating a user account for them.

To add more users to an advertiser, go to Advertisers > Manage Advertisers and select the advertiser. Then in the Account Users panel, click Add and fill out the user creation form. The password you create for them is temporary. When they first log in, they will be asked to change their password.

How Advertisers Log In

Advertisers log in on your TUNE login page, which has a URL similar to:

Assigning an Advertiser to an Offer

If an offer already exists and you want to assign an existing advertiser to the offer, go to the offer’s page and click Edit in the Details panel. To assign this offer to an advertiser, select the desired advertiser for the offer and click Save. This makes the offer accessible to the advertiser in their login to your network.

If you’re running stat reports by an advertiser, stats that took place before the advertiser was added are not attributed to that advertiser. This is because each impression, click, and conversion has an advertiser ID value set to it, and that ID is not applied to stats retroactively.

Advertisers Creating Offers

When an advertiser has the “Offer Management” permission, they can create offers in their login to your network via Offer > Create Offer. When creating the offer, they can ONLY specify the offer’s name, description, preview URL, and offer URLs. Offers created by advertisers are set to “Pending” until a network employee with the “Advertiser Management” permission approves them.

To manage a pending offer created by an advertiser, go to Offers > Manage Offers and click the offer’s name in the table. On the page that appears, click Edit in the Details panel. From there, you can verify and complete the offer details. Once you set the offer’s status to “Active”, it will be visible to your publishers.

Tip: Before you change the “Pending” status to “Active”, test your offer to make sure the tracking link and conversion link work.

Offer Management

After the offer is approved, any changes going forward must be made by the advertiser manager. The advertiser can still view offer details and get the conversion link, but they must contact their advertiser manager to apply changes to the offer.

Managing Creatives

The only way the advertiser can access and manage creative files for an offer is if they upload the creatives to the offer from the advertiser interface. The advertiser does not have access to the creative files a network uploads, but they can manage the creatives they upload on their end.

The process of adding a creative in the advertiser interface is the same as in the admin interface. The advertiser selects the offer(s) they want to add the creative to from the list of their assigned offers. Next, they select the file type that they want to upload.

HTML and email creatives still require the {tracking_link} macro to incorporate a tracking link. Once creatives are added, they become live for the offer.

For more information about creative files, read our overview on creative files.