Advertiser Security Token

TUNE provides many tools to prevent your network from partner fraud, whether it be our own fraud reporting, monitoring, or settings that prevent conversion tracking to be manipulated by partners. The Advertiser Security Token is a feature that authenticates each conversion with a token string that is unique for the advertiser of the offer. It works very similarly to an API key in authenticating calls. With this enabled, you can expect to have another level of security from any potential fraud by partners attempting to force-fire any postback URLs.

This feature is available only to enterprise accounts. To enable this setting, you have to enable it network-wide in the advertiser settings panel. Go to Company > Customize Application > Advertiser Settings. Go to the ‘Enable Advertiser Security Token’ setting and set it to Enabled and save.

Now, go to the advertiser profile and click ‘edit’ in the Account Information section. At the bottom of the page, you will see the setting to generate the security token. Click the generate token button and click save.

The next step is to send this token value to the advertiser so they can implement this with their offers. The advertiser can add this parameter to the end of their offer postback URLs to apply this token value:


Once this is implemented by the advertiser for all their postbacks, then you can apply the token. Go back to the Security token setting in the advertiser profile and click “Apply Token”

Important: You must click on the Apply Token button to implement the security token for this advertiser. Until you click on that button, the feature is disabled for that advertiser.

This will require all conversions for that advertiser’s offers to include this security token for conversion authentication. If the postback doesn’t have this value in the URL when fired, the conversion will show as rejected in the conversion report.