Adjusting Stats

With our adjust stats tool, you and your team can modify all measurable stats in your network in the event that you need to make changes to the amount of impressions, clicks, or conversions for your network. This way you can manage the overall payout for partners on CPA/CPS, CPC, and CPM offers, or adjust clicks so they can match another networks stats. With the adjust stats tool, you can add or remove any measurement, and adjust payout accordingly.

When adjusting impressions and clicks, you add or subtract the aggregate clicks for that day. If the offer is set up as cost per click (CPC) or cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM), then payouts are adjusted for the selected partner. If you break down the stats by the hour, then all adjusted clicks or impressions will show up at midnight (00:00) for that day for the timezone set for the network.

When removing/adding conversions, things are a little different. In essence, you are actually creating ‘adjustment’ conversions in the conversion report. So if you choose to remove conversions for a partner, you are actually adding negative conversions to the conversion report to reduce the net earnings for a partner and cancel out the earnings of existing conversions. This is mainly used for adjusting the payout for the partner. Be advised that using the Adjust Conversions tool will have a potential impact to your offers and partners performance measurements (Conversion rate, CPA, RPA)

To access the Adjust Stats tool, you can go to Partners > Adjust Stats

Adjusting Impressions

If you need to make adjustments to a partner go to Partners > Adjust Stats and you will be at the Step #1 screen:

Here you will select the offer and partner, as well as the date that the stat adjustments will be applied to (Note: All impressions will show up at 00:00 for that date, so the changes will not be applied to specific hours in your stat reports.) Then, choose if you want to add or remove impressions from the selected partner stats. In the Quantity field, enter in the number of impressions you are adjusting for this partner, rounding to the nearest thousand. If you are looking to add 10,000 impressions for the selected partner, then enter ’10’ in the field. Once all the information above has been filled out, click ‘Continue’ to move onto the confirmation page.

On the next page, you should see a summary of the impressions that you want to add. At this point the impressions have not been added to the stats, so no changes are made yet. If you look over the confirmation page you can see the quantity of impressions to be added. If the offer has a payout setup as CPM, then you can see at the bottom of the form that there is a payout for that and a revenue. If the offer pays out with CPA/CPS/CPC, then the payout will show as ‘0.0000’.

Once you have confirmed that this is the correct amount of impressions, click ‘Process’ at the bottom. You should get a prompt telling you that the impressions were created successfully, after which you will be redirected back to the first step. Now your adjustment should be reflected in the stat report. Here is the impressions showing in the stat report for the above example:

Adjusting Clicks

Similar to adjusting impressions, clicks can be added in bulk using the adjust stats tool. Unlike adjusting impressions, you can specify exactly how many clicks you want adjusted instead of rounding to the nearest thousand.

Starting by going to Partners > Adjust Stats, select the partner, offer, date and the number of clicks to be adjusted. Then specify if you wish to add or remove these clicks from the stats:

On the next page, you can review the clicks that you want to adjust here. Since the offer we are adding clicks to is a CPC offer, the partner will get a payout for each click that we add. If we were removing clicks for this offer, then the partner will get a negative payout for the adjustment, which will lower their total earnings. CPA/CPS and CPM offers will see a payout and revenue value as ‘0.0000’ since the payout for these offers occur at different metric points.

Once you have confirmed that the numbers and settings are correct, click the ‘Process’ button and the clicks will be added to this partner’s stats. You can then view the clicks live in the stat report:

If you break down the clicks by the hour (for example in the hourly report) you will see all the adjusted clicks show up in the midnight (00:00) hour for the selected day. Each click will show as a unique click in the stat reports.

Adjusting Conversions

The first step to adjust conversions is to specify the offer, partner date, and number of conversions being adjusted. If your offer has goals, then you also select the appropriate goal you want to adjust stats for. The below screenshot shows an example where 10 conversions are being added for ‘Test Partner’ in the ‘Sample Offer #1’ on May 1. Once all the fields are set, click Continue:

Like impressions and clicks, you are taken to a confirmation page where you can preview the partner, offer, the total conversions along with the payout and revenue for each conversion:

Once you have confirmed that all the fields look correct, then click “Process” at the bottom. This will create all the adjustments in your conversion report.

One last to consider with these adjusted conversions, is this won’t affect any partner pixels/postbacks placed for this offer and partner.