Adding and Managing Advertisers


Advertisers are key business contacts for networks using TUNE. In your TUNE platform, you can add and manage advertisers to better organize your offers, reports, and more.

This article is part of our TUNE Basics series.

Creating an Advertiser

To create an advertiser in your system, go to Advertisers > Create Advertiser. On the page that appears, you can input all the necessary information to create an account for an advertiser.

The account requires that you provide the contact info for the network, including a physical address and an optional Tax ID for the advertiser. If the advertiser is not a business entity, they can put in their social security number or other personal tax identifier. You can also enter the user’s login information for the account so they can login.

If you have advertiser managers enabled, then select an advertiser manager for this account at the bottom of the form. If you want to have the advertiser access the account right away, then set their status to active and they will be able to login as soon as you click Save.

Advertiser Sign-Up Form

Potential advertisers also have the option to apply for your network from the login page of your network:
Advertisers that click the Advertiser Sign Up button are taken to a form similar to your administrator create advertiser form. There, they can provide their company information and user login credentials.

You can also have the advertiser provide additional information, using the advertiser sign-up questions tool. You can add, manage, and delete additional questions for the advertiser should answer upon signing up. These questions can be made optional or required when applying for the network. You can manage these questions by going to Company > Customize Application > Content > Advertiser Sign Up Questions.

Terms & Conditions can also be set for advertisers to agree to on the signup form. You can modify them by going to Company > Customize Application > Content > Advertiser Terms and Conditions.

Pending Advertisers

After an advertiser has signed up for your network, you can set any successfully submitted applications to pending status, where the account will be manually verified by an advertiser manager or admin with global permissions.

Select an advertiser manager for the account and click either Approve or Deny on the right. You can also apply a note to the advertiser account by clicking More ». From this modal, you can enter the note and approve or deny the advertiser. This is useful if you want to leave a reason for rejecting an advertiser.

If no advertiser manager is selected when the account is approved, the advertiser will continue to appear on the “Pending Advertiser” page. Properly assigning an advertiser account to a manager removes the account from the list.

Manage Advertisers

To see the current list of advertisers in your network, go to Advertisers > Manage Advertisers. This page shows the current list of all active advertisers, the total number of partners allowed access to their offers, the payouts associated with that advertiser, and the revenues associated with that advertiser.

Click an advertiser to view their details page:

From this page, you can view and edit information specific to this advertiser in your network. Advertiser settings generally do not affect tracking on offers associated with that advertiser. Instead, they affect the ability of the advertiser to log in or create offers using their account in your network.

You can view any changes made by users to this account in the Data Audit Logs panel.

Partner Access to Offers

In the Partner Access panel on an advertiser’s page, you can control which partners have access to this advertiser’s offers. With regards to partner access to offers, this setting takes precedence over partner and offer access panels in other parts of TUNE.

If you want to approve a partner for an offer in the offer page, the partner must be unblocked on the advertiser page before they can be approved anywhere else.

Advertiser Users

Like partners, advertisers can add multiple logins to their account. This allows more than one user to access the advertiser’s offers and stats. To add a new user to the advertiser account, go to the advertiser’s page and in the Account Users panel click Add. On the next page, provide a unique email address and a strong password, along with the user’s name and title.

Note: The email address cannot belong to any existing partner, advertiser, or employee accounts in your network.

Each account has a set of permissions that you can apply to limit the scope of responsibilities for that user. To edit the permissions for a user, click on the user’s name, then click Edit on the permissions page that appears. These are the options for each account:

  • Account Management: Gives your advertiser user access to update and edit their user information as well as the advertiser’s company information (such as name, email, address, and phone).
  • Offer Management: Gives your advertiser user access to all the advertiser’s offers. They can view current offers and create new offers. With this permission the advertiser user may also upload files to any of their current offers.
  • Stats: Gives your advertiser user access to view their stats. They can run reports which display the number of conversions and revenue by day, hour, month, week, offer, or offer URL.
  • User Management: Gives your advertiser user the ability to add, edit, and delete other users in the advertiser’s account.

Assigning an Advertiser Manager

If you want certain employees to have access to their specific advertiser accounts and manage the accounts from their end, then enable advertiser managers in your network. The advertiser manager can only view stats for their managed accounts in any of the reports.

To assign a specific advertiser to an account, go to the advertiser account and find the Account Manager panel. Click Change in this panel and select the new manager from the list of employees. Click Save once you’re finished.

When viewing stats by the advertiser manager, keep in mind that stats won’t apply to the new account manager till the next full day. If you change the account manager at 1pm, stats won’t be associated to the new manager until 12am the following day.