Adding and Editing Content

Your TUNE account was designed first and foremost to be a white label solution, and that rings true with the ability to change all the content that you, your partners, advertisers and other employees will see. This article points out the main content tools in the TUNE platform, and how you can add to or modify existing settings.

To access the content tools listed below, go to Company > Customize Application > Content.

Additional Pages

You can add additional pages to your application to include more content, tools, or promo pages for partners or advertisers. If you just need to add an external link to one of the menus, you can do that too. Additional pages can be placed above or below the standard links or added as a new tab to the main menu.

If you want to add a new page to the application, you can add in standard HTML elements with CSS and Javascript. These along with external images have to be hosted elsewhere, but you can upload them as “file” type creative files so that they can be hosted on the platform. If you want to pass in user-specific data, like a partner name, email, or the name of their company, you can add tags that will populate the page with this information.

Email Templates

When partners and advertisers join your network or apply for offers, you want to notify them via email of their status and the process of approval to your network. With our email templates page, you can modify the copy that goes out to the user based on the following actions:

  • Partner is pending approval
  • Partner has been approved
  • Partner has been rejected
  • Partner has been created by admin
  • Advertiser is pending approval
  • Advertiser has been approved
  • Advertiser has been rejected
  • Advertiser has been created by admin
  • User has forgot password (sends new, temporary password)

All of these templates come with variables that will populate the copy with user-specific information.

Offer Approval Questions

If you plan on pre-screening partners each time they apply for an offer, you can use the Offer Approval Questions feature that is set in the offer. If you plan on asking the same questions for each offer, you can also save a large amount of time using this feature.

On the Offer Approval Questions page, enter the question you want to add. To require an answer to that question when partners apply, check the “Required” box before clicking the Add button. In the Questions table at the bottom of the page, you can view, pause, edit, and delete your global offer approval questions.

Note: Global offer approval questions are added to the list of signup questions for offers with the Offer Approval setting enabled. They won’t appear if this setting is disabled for the offer.

Partner & Advertiser Signup Questions

Like the offer approval questions feature, you can choose to require that partners as well as advertisers answer questions when they sign up for your network. This lets you pre-screen each account and manually approve or reject them based on the information provided.

On the Partner Sign Up Questions and Advertiser Sign Up Questions pages, you can add, edit, and remove questions for partners and advertisers to answer on signup. Both partners and advertisers have their own set of questions that can be managed. These questions only appear if you have the respective Partner/Advertiser Signup setting set to “Require Approval”.

Partner & Advertiser Terms & Conditions

You can choose to require partners and advertisers to agree to your network’s terms and conditions when they sign up for your network. By default, TUNE provides a boilerplate terms and conditions for partners and advertisers can agree to. However, you will need to have a legal counsel revise them with your own terms. You can require that partners or advertisers check that they have reviewed your terms and conditions before they sign up.

Privacy Policy

Having a privacy policy in place lets you set a disclaimer about your practice of storing data. Like terms and conditions, we provide a sample privacy policy to start with. However, your legal counsel needs to review and modify it to reflect your brand’s policies. Standard HTML text formatting is allowed in this field.

Note: For security purposes, the embed, object, and script HTML tags are not displayed or rendered in the TUNE application.

Footer Links & JavaScript

If you want to add links at the bottom of the page to provide partners with quick access to certain pages, you can do so by adding a footer link. Here you can add standard text links that will appear on the bottom of each page of the application.

On this page, you can also include custom JavaScript code to modify or enhance a certain functionality in the application (or even embed new widgets in the page like a chat modal).

Changing Phrasing in Application

Perhaps you want to change the verbiage in the app as it is, like switching out each instance of the phrase ” partner” with “publisher” instead. Doing this requires a .PO file editor, and the language file downloaded from your account. If you want to learn how to do this, you can find the steps in our Internationalization article (yes, you can do this for the English language file too!).