Account Settings in TUNE Pay

In TUNE Pay, you can adapt the employee workflow to your business using account settings. Change how TUNE Pay sends email notifications, integrates with other technologies, and moves through the steps of invoice approval.

Employees with the “Administrator” role can access company-wide TUNE Pay settings by going to Settings > Account Settings.

Account Settings

Account settings in TUNE Pay affect all employees and can only be changed by administrators. Each tab in account settings controls a different portion of the platform. Click Edit at the top of the page to begin updating settings, and click Update to save them once you finish.


Settings in this tab relate to invoicing and payments workflow in TUNE Pay. Here you can change the default currency in TUNE Pay, invoice generation and approval rules, and the contact information and company logo that appear on invoices.

The “Default Values”  and “Automatic Generation” sections have settings that apply by default to automatically generated invoices. You can set a number of days to wait after a billing period before generating invoices. This can help with end of period adjustments and aligning with other processes your company may have. You can also set frequencies for invoices generation and the Net terms applied if you don’t override them on a partner/advertiser level.

Settings in the “Approval Rules” section influence the invoices approval workflow:

  • Set it to ‘Auto Approve’ to have all your auto-generated invoices approved automatically.
  • ‘Self Approve’ will allow your Managers to manually approve all the invoices.
  • ‘Approve by Director’ will require your Directors or Administrators to review the invoices and perform final approval before the invoices can be paid.

You can also change the company logo that appears on invoices by uploading one in this section.

Templates of Names

This tab contains naming conventions used in the rest of TUNE Pay. Here you can adjust how TUNE Pay names the invoices it generates. This can be useful to make TUNE Pay’s invoices match the conventions of other invoicing systems or to sort well with your other files.

Email & Notifications

Settings in this tab relate to email notifications sent by TUNE Pay. Once you enter your SMTP settings, you can have your platform send notifications both to employees and the partner or advertiser accounts they manage.

Email notification settings apply to all employees in TUNE Pay. For notification settings regarding partner or advertiser accounts, TUNE Pay sends emails to the account manager. For settings regarding individuals being mentioned or having their information changed, only the affected individuals are notified.

Dunning management settings help you communicate with advertisers about balances they still owe. You can have TUNE Pay send email reminders to advertisers who miss payments, and repeat those email reminders if they continue to miss payments. Dunning emails use the same SMTP settings as other notification settings.


This tab contains the required fields for setting up Direct Bank Transfer as a payment method in TUNE Pay. Here you enter information about your TransferWise borderless account, as well as the approval requirements for funding the borderless account.

You can also have TUNE Pay send borderless account funding reminders during each automated billing period. These reminders are meant to help your finance managers prepare sufficient funds ahead of time for potential invoice adjustments or exchange rate changes.


This tab relates to the native PayPal Payouts API integration that allows you to send PayPal payments to your partners directly from TUNE Pay. Follow the guide on the Account Settings page to onboard to PayPal Payouts API using a dedicated link for TUNE Customers.

Partner Page

This tab contains information about the TUNE Pay partner interface. Here you can find the domain where your partners log in, and you can enter a support email address to provide to partners.

Customers who use Intercom for business messaging can also enter their Intercom App ID in this tab. Doing so turns on Intercom for partners to see in your TUNE Pay partner interface.