Working with 1ShoppingCart

When working with 1ShoppingCart, use the steps below to set up offer tracking.

1. Edit Your “Thank You” Page

1ShoppingCart allows you to have your own custom “Thank You” page. You will need to set up your custom thank you page and then edit it.

2. Place Code in Your “Thank You” Page

Insert the iframe pixel code right before the first row of text or somewhere at the end of page body.

Offer_id is the ID of the offer in your TUNE network. Append &amount to track the sale amount and the order number with each conversion.

Simple Code


Example of Integration (Using iFrame Pixel)

  <!-- Offer Conversion: Test Offer -->
  <iframe src="<?=$total?>&adv_sub=<?=$order?>" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="1" height="1"></iframe>
  <!-- End Offer Conversion -->

For other issues relating to 1ShoppingCart, you can contact their support team.